Hello! I am Andrea and I am 31 years old. I am married to the love of my life and recently became a mommy to Ava Lynne. I blog about all things baby, my day to day as I navigate this thing called motherhood, anesthesia (I am a CRNA), crossfit, love, food, health and lots of little things in between!

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Lololol. Monday AM giggles.

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I swear I am bipolar sometimes.

I would say generally I am a pretty pessimistic person. I may seem happy on the outside but more often I would say I am a little bit to a lot depressed.

BUT there are some days where I just feel GOOD. Like I feel like life is so GOOD and I am very content and everything is going to be okay.

Yesterday was one of those good days. I was working my per diem job, and although I had a busy day doing 10 cases it was such a pleasant and nice day. The endoscopist I was working with was nice to converse with and he complimented me on my ability to keep the room moving quickly and keep a fast turn over. I got to have lunch at my favorite pizza place. Best of all I only had to work until 3!

I walked out into beautiful weather. Chatted with a fellow CRNA on the train ride home. Got to pick up Ava and stop and visit with Grandmom and grandpop for about a half hour. I just simply adore my husbands grandparents. I am closer to them than I ever was to any of my biological grandparents and I just truly, genuinely enjoy their company so much. I am SOOOO lucky (and so is Ava) that Ava can be taken care of by someone who loves her soooo much (besides her parents of course!)

When I got home Ava went right down for her nap. This gave me time to get outside to organize a few things in the front of the house (some mums and other decorations). Joe was out in the driveway working on his car, and let me know his brother was coming over for dinner. Yay, a visitor! I went in to start getting dinner ready. Lit some fall candles. Had the news on in the background (I’m such an old lady and love watching the new constantly haha). Things just felt…nice. And cozy. The house wasn’t a disaster. Baby napping. Dinner prepping. So it was a good night. Now it’s Friday. I can’t wait to get home and snuggle my babe. And I can’t wait to spend the whole weekend with her!

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Irish twins ❤️🎀👶

Irish twins ❤️🎀👶

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22 weeks pregnant

Wow, I feel so guilty. I have BARELY blogged about this pregnancy at ALL. I am already 22 weeks! At this point with Ava, I probably had a blog post for almost every week!

This pregnancy has been good and bad. The worst thing has been that I have totally stopped working out and watching what I eat. There. I said it. It’s true. I don’t work out and I eat anything and everything annnnnd I kinda hate myself for it.

Overall I feel okay. Lots of heartburn like last time, no nausea since my first trimester. Otherwise I would say everything is pretty…normal?

Baby is doing well. Actually we just officially announced her name so I might as well start referring to her as such! We chose the name Alexandria Renee. Renee is his sisters middle name, and Alexandria is just a name we have liked from the beginning. I have presenting Joe with at least 200 names and Alexandria was the ONLY one he has liked! I just love the nickname Alex for a girl! :)

My last ultrasound was at 20 weeks. She tech said all of Alex’ measurements are textbook exact, and everything looks great. I have gained more weight than I am ready to admit so I’ll leave that right there. Next up is my glucose text at 24 weeks.

I think I first started to feel Alex kicking around 19-20 weeks. Since then they have gotten WAY more noticeable. Definitely one of my favorite parts of being pregnant. Something about feeling your child moving inside of you is just magical and I still love it! She gets pretty active later in the evening and also around 4am, just like her sister used to do.

Nursery planning began awhile back. I for some reason have become obsessed with pineapples and want to do sort of a pineapple/fruit theme in the nursery. Sounds weird but it’s cute! I will post some inspiration pics soon. I am not 100% on it yet but it’s been kicking around in my head for a long time.

Face timing yesterday. She was so happy to see me!

Face timing yesterday. She was so happy to see me!

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